You Are Not Alone

Horror, Thriller, Suspense

Synopsis: Natalie [a recent college graduate] returns to her hometown for what she thinks is going to be a fun weekend. Once she arrives, news breaks of a string of murders happening in the sleepy town of Walnut. Soon she finds herself in the grips of the madman.

Director: Derek Mungor

Krista Dzialoszynski
David O’Brien

You Are Not Alone takes an original spin on the slasher genre by filming the whole movie from the protagonist point of view. We never see her face or what she looks like, but throughout the film you become immersed in her world as if you were the one being stalked by the madman. The story starts out slow but does great at building suspense as it goes on. Despite lacking on screen kills that most horror fans lust for but that doesn’t make this film not worth watching. This movie is not one to be overlooked.

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