10 Horror Movies Destined to Become Classics

This is a list of horror movies from the past 6 years that will be written in gold, as classics, in the future. If they aren't remakes, they will be remade in the future, I'll put my money on it.

Top 10 Upcoming Scary Movies to Watch

This isn't necessarily in order. We are excited about them all, this is just a list of horror movies coming up soon that are making us wish we had a time machine.

Top 10 Horror Movie Cameos You Missed

I bet you missed some of these. We'll give you a hint, Stephen King is one of them. Here's our Top 10 Horror Movie Cameos. Spotted more? Let us know!

Top 5 Badass Women in Horror Films

This one goes out to all the female badasses in horror films. From axe wielders to investigative detectives to crazy katana skills, this was a hard one to determine, check out who made the cut. Do you agree?

5 Signs You Watch Too Many Horror Movies

5 Signs you are watching too many horror movies and TV. You are a paranoid wreck is one of them. What else is there?