10. V/H/S

The granddaddy of modern anthology films that spawned a pretty good sequel; VHS is a must see for any modern horror fan. This one is definitely on our list of horror movie classics. Did you know, the old house where the three dudes break into (where the VHS tapes are found) is the exact same one from Marble Hornets, the YouTube sensation that brought us Slender Man.

9. The Crazies

One of the best horror remakes of the last decade produced one of the best zombie movies in years. The crazies looked great, did you know the actors had to sit in the big bad makeup chair for more than 3 hours to be transformed? Anyway, big names and excellent performances makes The Crazies a movie that’s better than it should’ve been.

8. Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Great comedy horror movies are hard to pull off, Shaun of the Dead comes to mind as one of the best and Tucker and Dale is just as good. The movie caught fire on Netflix and with the makers of it returning do a new movie, now is the perfect time to visit or revisit this modern classic.

7. Evil Dead

Remakes in general are bad, especially in horror but Evil Dead knocked it out of the park; delivered with real scares and effects destined to look good 20 years from now. Evil Dead takes the crown as best remake of the 2010s so far and I don’t see that changing.

6. Cabin in the Woods

This film took me a while to love but it’s become one of my top scary movies to watch. It’s a smart horror movie that plays on all the tropes of horror that litter every movie we see; it may be bold to say but Cabin may be the Scream of the 21st century. Do you agree? Let us know below.

5. The Babadook

The Babadook took the horror community by storm and became pretty instantly beloved across the scene. For me, the movie deserves the love as it is terrifying and has you scared for the characters because for once, you actually care about them (well, apart from that kid).

4. Insidious

It took to #4 to get to James Wan, the master of horror this decade who seems he can do no wrong. After a 3 year break from horror, Wan came back with a vengeance and gave us Insidious, a movie who’s images have stayed with me even 6 years after I saw it first.

3. It Follows

I find that It Follows can be pretty divisive but I fell in love in the theater the first time I saw it. The way the movie is ambiguous to the time period and plays on the fact that no parents seem to be around in most horror movies was great. No horror movie has made me think and talk about it as much as It Follows did, and I still am.

2. The Witch

The Witch is phenomenal, is it scary in the 21st century definition of the word? No. The movie is tense and suspenseful from minute one and builds to a finale that blows me away every time I see it. This movie needs to be in every horror fans collection. Expect to see this in a suspense list of horror movies to watch soon because it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

1. The Conjuring

James Wan you evil genius bastard. Following a string of good horror movies, The Conjuring came out and proved that horror was back in a big way and could make real money without cheap gimmicks. The Conjuring is genuinely scary, has great characters and is wonderfully directed by Mr. Wan. The Conjuring brought horror to a new audience and helped set up the 2010s to be one of the better decades for the genre and will be a classic 20 years from now, I guarantee it.