In The Deep – better than The Shallows?

Synopsis: Two sisters on Mexican vacation are trapped in a shark observation cage at the bottom of the ocean, with oxygen running low and great whites circling nearby, they have less than an hour of air left to figure out how to get to the surface.

Director(s): Johannes Roberts
Writer(s): Johannes Roberts, Ernest Riera

Cast: Matthew Modine, Mandy Moore, Claire Holt

The chances are you haven’t even heard of this gem and that is probably due to extremely poor marketing and the fact that they pulled the VOD and home video release to put it in theaters. This is like a modern day Jaws, for a more detailed review see below.

Want some fun facts about this? The bulk of underwater filming took place at The Underwater Studio in Basildon, Essex UK. Mandy Moore and Claire Holt actually learned how to scuba dive for this movie. Neither actresses have scuba dived before. And maybe they never will again after this.

As always, we have a trailer for you. Let us know if you liked it better than The Shallows.

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