TV Series – Human Pig Hybrids Threaten Humanity

Bullets of Justice trailer

World War 3 has broken out and the American government has put in motion operation Army Bacon to create a military of super-human pig hybrids. Fast forward 25 years, “Muzzles” (the human pig hybrids) threaten the very existence of humanity by occupying the top of the food chain farming and eating us like mere animals (the irony).

We love it when we find a trailer that makes us go ‘what did I just watch?’ and that’s exactly the effect Bullets of Justice had. Set in a world of human pig hybrids and a world of women who can grow awesome moustaches – we’re captivated to say the least.

“Bullets Of Justice” is an independent project, a black satire created by friends.  Currently we have all the material shot and edited, all we need is funds for post-production to finish it.”

If you enjoyed the trailer as much as we did please check out their funding page and pledge a donation to reap the benefits. Without funding this TV series will remain purely hypothetical and that makes us sad. Do it for that hair blow at the end.